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  • Valid Texas State Fishing License

  • Photo ID

  • Snacks & Drinks for the day (cooler, water and ice are provided)

  • Inclement Weather Gear (rain suit, jacket, overalls, etc. if required)

  • Sunscreen

  • Hat & Sunglasses

  • Camera

  • Rods, reels, and favorite lures - I will provide spinning rods/reels and tackle for those who do not have their own fishing equipment


  • How many people can you accomodate on your boat?

    • I can comfortably fish 2 in my 2015 Skeeter ZX250 and possibly a 3rd with experienced anglers.

  • Are we guaranteed to catch fish?

    • I wish every day we could catch 50 fish.  Unfortunately the fish don't always want to cooperate.  We do the majority of our fishing with artificial baits but if the lake is fishing tough, I may decide to use live bait to give you the best chance of maximizing the number of fish caught.  Calling me for a fishing report before you book your trip is a good way to determine what the day is going to be like. 

  • Do you use live bait or lures?

    • Getting a bass to strike an artificial lure is the most exciting way to catch a bass.  As such, I will try to put you in a position to get as many bites as possible with artificial lures.  If the lake is fishing tough or if you just don't like throwing lures, we will fish with live bait.  Please call in advance to confirm this as getting bait at or near some lakes can be tough and needs to be arranged in advance.

  • Do you provide life jackets? 

    • Life jackets will be provided for all who are on the boat and are required to be worn when the boat is in motion (w/ the big motor).  If you cannot swim or are not a strong swimmer, you must wear it at all times while on the boat.

  • Where do we meet for our trip? 

    • Most of the time we will meet at the boat ramp that I launch out of.  In some cases, we will coordinate a marina or mutually agreed location to meet.  This is handled on a case by case basis.

  • What happens if the weather turns bad and we can't go fishing? 

    • Your safety is always my number one priority while on the water.  If inclement weather rolls in (especially lightning) , we will not fish and will work together to reschedule your trip for another day.

  • What happens if something comes up and I can't make it out for the trip?

    • In some cases, I can reschedule with you and you will not lose your deposit.  This will be addressed on a case by case basis.

  • Can we keep the fish that we catch? 

    • I don't keep or allow the keep of largemouth, spotted, or smallmouth bass.  If it's table fare that you are after, I suggest a Crappie trip to Grainger Lake or a White Bass trip.  Cleaning your fish is your responsibility.

  • Are we allowed to bring alcoholic beverages onto the boat?

    • Enjoying an adult beverage in the outdoors while bass fishing is a great way to spend the day, so feel free to bring your drink of choice.  I only ask that you respect my boat and keep your drinks inside your containers and your body and not on my boat! :)  Cans and plastic containers only please.  Trash bags will be provided.

  • Are tips expected? 

    • If you tip your waiter at a restaurant, you should tip your fishing guide and the 15% standard applies.  Fishing guides incur high expenses including but not limited to gas, lures, line, rods, reels, boat maintenance, insurance, and boat repairs.  Guides rely on tips to cover alot of these expenses, so tips are very much appreciated.

  • How do I pay? 

    • Credit card payments are accepted via PayPal (please note there is a 3% processing fee added for Paypal payments).  If you prefer to pay by check or money order, you can send to 1405 Roaring Fork, Leander, Texas 78641.  Please make check payable to Ray Tomasits.

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